International Speaker Draws Large Crowd at the Lions Centre

09 February 2018, 8:00 AM
After months of preparation and much anticipation, nearly 2,000 persons gathered at the Lions Centre on Grand Cayman on Sunday (February 4, 2018), for the launch of a series of meeting featuring international motivational speaker Dr. Ramon Escalante. 
Themed "Experience the Power," the "Life-Changing Empowerment Series" of meetings are designed to impact both practical aspects of daily living as well as spiritual dimensions. The meetings continue throughout the next several weeks at 7:30 pm every week night except Tuesdays.
Bounding onto the stage on Sunday night, Dr. Escalante demonstrated from the get-go his firm faith in the power of prayer. And upon his inspiring invitation to the audience to bring their prayer requests, almost the entire audience, from little children and youth to the elderly, streamed up to drop their requests in prayer request boxes held high by the speaker and four Conference pastors.  
Indeed, prayer is a key organisational driver for the meetings, with a prayer tent at the rear of the Lions Centre where prayer warriors gather each night to make supplications with and on behalf of all who visit or call-in.  Special dedicated telephone lines, 324-2890, 324-2893, and 321-2287 are also available for callers wishing prayer. Interested persons may make contact via email at
True to promised melding of practical and spiritual, in his keynote address on Sunday night, Dr. Escalante reminded of the power of words on our subconscious and what a difference the messages we generate can make to our lives, both positively and negatively.  
Drawing on his personal experience, Dr. Escalante, who is responsible for 44 congregations across six US states, including Washington DC, recounted a visit to the White House to officiate in a wedding ceremony.  He was overcome with fear as he prepared to face the venerable and powerful personalities gathered for the ceremony.  To overcome his trepidation, he excused himself and changed his thinking, he said.  Exuding confidence as he returned, he found himself performing at optimum, resulting in one of his best efforts at officiating in a wedding ceremony, gauging by the responses and comments at the end.
Dr. Escalante told his Lions Centre audience that their best source of power was the Word of God: quoting Hebrew 4:12, he said: "The Word of God is quick," meaning it is alive and powerful, and promised the audience that "Every night I will bring you the power of His Word."
Persons wishing transport to the Lions Centre for Dr. Escalante's presentations may call 324-2890, 324-2893, and 321-2287 for information on the all-island busing arrangements. In addition, routes and times are posted on the homepage of
Dr. Escalante's messages are broadcast each night on and on CATV.  A recording is aired on Praise 87.9 at 10 am on the day following each presentation.
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