NiCE Summer Project Statistics Show Reduction In Number of Applicants

13 September 2018, 8:00 AM
Politics & Government

In addition to general cleanup work, the two-week National Community Enhancement Project, which finished on Friday, 31 August, completed more than 65 individual sites targeted in the summer programme.

The largest work assignments included Smith Barcadere, Colliers Beach Access, the Bo Miller Beach and several vacant lots in George Town and Prospect. Selected workers were assigned to augment the Department of Environmental Health’s garbage collection crew which made a significant impact in reducing the backlog of collections across Grand Cayman. Other work details included an extensive roadside cleanup and a general tidy up of the Windsor Park residential area.

Work teams, which were supervised by foremen from Public Works Department (PWD), Department of Environmental Health and the National Roads Authority (NRA), also cleared litter and other debris from cemeteries, such as Dixie Cemetery on West Bay Road, and from popular tourist sites like Lovers Wall in East End.

Minister of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, Hon. Joseph Hew was encouraged by the amount of work achieved during the programme. “The initiative continues to provide a necessary gateway to further employment for those registered on the Community Enhancement Project,” he said. “The figures collated show a 23% reduction in persons enrolled. Closer analysis also highlights the fact that many of those registered have significant barriers to accessing full-time work.”

“We received regular progress reports on aspects of the project,” said Minister of Health, Environment, Culture and Housing, Hon. Dwayne Seymour. “With the completion of the first-ever summer project, we are looking forward to passing on the names of high-performing workers to the upcoming green iguana culling project. Graded references are a new aspect to NiCE and will enable some of those who worked diligently to take part in the invasive species population control measure.”

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