Posting deadlines for Christmas



As the old saying goes, "the early bird gets the worm". In postal terms, the early mailer gets his or her packages delivered on time for Christmas.


Yes, it is that time of the year again, when we need to start thinking about Christmas and posting our packages and parcels for loved ones who live abroad.


While some of the deadlines are far, far away (not really) there are some that are looming. Of course, these are the most economical ones for shipping Christmas presents off island. The Surface Mail deadline for the Caribbean is Friday, 28 October. For the United Kingdom, Western Europe, the USA and Canada, the deadline is Friday, 4 November.


For deadlines for all other categories of mail - Air Mail, Air Parcels and Express Mail Service - you can visit your nearest post office to collect a mailer, or download it from


Here are some other tips to get through your Christmas mailings with minimum fuss: 1. Heighten security measures are still in place so any package 16 oz or more has to be examined by CI Postal Service Counter Staff. 2. Jamaica Post does not accept mobile phones that are not in their original packaging. 3. Do not send cash through the post. 4. Perfumes or liquor of 70 per cent proof or more are just some of the items on the prohibited list.


The common sense rules are to update your Christmas list to ensure that addresses are correct and current. Write legibly and include a return address. Use white labels on colour envelopes.


For more on deadlines, special requirement and the best methods of shipping through the Postal Service, please see the Christmas mailer list or visit  


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